Adriatic Pearl Dubrovnik

Spectacular dance event

The Third Annual Adriatic Pearl will once again take place in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Dubrovnik. Set on the spectacular backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, this major international event will feature a full schedule of Pro/Am, Amateur and Professional competitions in International and American Styles. Along with first class dance music, sound, lighting, adjudicators and lecturers, the competition promises again to offer an exceptional experience both on and off the dance floor. Come join us to experience this unforgettable event including the “Kings Landing” Gala Dinner, Private tours, VIP services, and already legendary, fun social activities. From fine dining to inexpensive local cuisine, come savor the flavors of all that the Adriatic Pearl and Croatia have to offer. A lifestyle dance experience like no other!

Quick info about event

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The event will start 18th of September and finish 22nd of September 2019.


Location of the event is Hotel Sheraton Dubrovnik near Dubrovnik, Croatia.