Adriatic Pearl Dubrovnik


Rules overview

In an ongoing effort to be all inclusive in the spirit of Freedom to Dance. The following Dance organizations and association syllabi are accepted. WDC, NDCA, IDO, NASSPDA, Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, DVIDA, ISTD, Terphsicore, BDF, WADF and more to come. The recognized syllabi for the American Style Events is the WDC/NDCA American Style Syllabus.

Top Teacher Prize Eligibility

1st Place 3000 $ – Min 200 Entries
2nd Place 2000 $ – Min 180 Entries
3rd Place 1000 $ – Min 150 Entries
4th Place 750 $ – Min 130 Entries
5th Place 500 $ – Min 110 Entries
6th Place 250 $ – Min 80 Entries

To qualify for ‘Prize Money’, an individual teacher must have at least 2 students on a package and a minimum of 80 entries. The points are calculated  on the results awarded to the teachers students, based on these parameters as follows.

1st Place 5 Points
2nd Place 3 Points
3rd Place 2 Points
4th Place 1 Points
5th Place 1 Points
6th Place 1 Points
1 point Per Entry

Please note that uncontested entries, receive only half of the points value.

Professional (latin, Ballroom, smooth, rhythm)

1st Place 1200 €
2nd Place 900 €
3rd Place 800 €
4th Place 700 €
5th Place 600 €
6th Place 500

EXhibition/Latin showdance

1st Place 400 €
2nd Place 300 €
3rd Place 200

Amateur (latin, ballroom)

1st Place 800 €
2nd Place 600 €
3rd Place 500 €
4th Place 400 €
5th Place 300 €
6th Place 200


AGE LEVEL – Teddy Bear (TB) 2-5yr, Juvenile (JUV) <13, Junior (JUN)<16, Youth(YTH)<18, A= 18-35. B=36-50. C=51-64. D=65-74. E=75+

WORLD CUP PRO/AM Championships TM

These are ‘Open to the World’ Championship Events. Competitors may enter max of 2 age categories (Their own and 1 younger). They may only dance a maximum of two consecutive age levels. Championship Pro/Am Competitors are judged as a Couples.

*Pro/Am Scholarships are per event

To qualify for all scholarship events, a student must enter a minimum of 4 (Smooth) and 5 (Rhythm, Ballroom, Latin) Pro/Am single dances per scholarship event entered. All scholarships are unisex competitions for adults. Closed scholarships are restricted to Bronze & Silver students. Please remember that the closed scholarships are restricted to closed syllabus figures (Bronze restricted to Bronze Syllabus and Silver restricted to Bronze & Silver Syllabus). Open scholarships are not restricted to any figures. In any scholarship event with fewer than three entries, the organizer reserves the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions and merge competitors into one division.
Students may NOT enter both Bronze & Silver scholarship levels in the same style.
Students MAY enter both the Silver & the Open scholarships in the same style.
Students MUST enter the scholarship level of their highest single dance entry level in a style.
For example: If a student enters single dance entries in Full Bronze and Pre Silver they would be eligible for the Silver Scholarship NOT the Bronze Scholarship in that style.
Scholarship Students are judged in comparison to other students. Not as a Couple.


The Same Sex Championships will be run under the NASSPDA rules following the April Follies Rules and Guideleines which can be found here!